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The Aprisa SR family: smart, secure, narrow band point-to-multipoint radios for SCADA and telemetry applications.

The Aprisa SR family provides narrow band point-to-multipoint radio communications, designed and optimised for SCADA and telemetry applications. The Aprisa SR provides up to 19.2 kbit/s capacity for everyday applications, with two Ethernet ports and one serial port. The Aprisa SR+ provides industry leading capacity of up to 120 kbit/s for more data-intensive applications, with four build-configurable ports for advanced flexibility.

Aprisa SR+

Smart, secure, industry-leading speed licenses point-to-multipoint SCADA communications for industrial monitoring and control for the electricity, water, and oil and gas industries

  • Aprisa SR+ Applications
    • Oil & Gas: production metering, lift pump atumation
    • Water & Wastewater: flow, level, pressure modulation automation, and pump status

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Aprisa SR+ Point-to-Point

Smart, secure, industry-leading speed licensed point-to-point for lining and backhaul of industrial monitoring and control and DRM voice

Remote control, monitoring, and site security applications throughout a range of public safety, critical infrastructure, and utility industries.

  • Aprisa SR+ PTP Applications:
    • Point-to-multipoint radio base station to SCADA master station linking

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Aprisa SRi

Utility-grade unlicensed radio for Aprisa edge-of-network extension and other short range applications

  • Aprisa SRi Application Deployment:
    • On site applications: intra-substation, MV substation automation, water treatment plants, single and multi-well pads

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Aprisa SR+ Migration Master Station

The Aprisa Master Station (MMS) provides smooth migration from legacy radio networks to next generation Aprisa SR+ SCADA radio networks utilizing existing frequencies and antenna infrastructure. From the very first remote radio replacement enjoy market leading Aprisa radio features in terms of speed, coverage, security, IP, and advanced management options. Your network is no longer limited to performing in a crippled backward compatibility mode.

Aprisa LTE Modem

Smart, secure, industry-leading 3GPP LTE communications for critical infrastructure monitoring and control for the electricity, water, oil and gas industries. Hardened LTE for both mission and business critical applications.

LTE wireless data services: the Aprisa LTE provides broadband enhanced LTE data rates and latency.

Secure: with its defense in depth approach, including AES encryption, authentication, L2 / L3 filtering, GRE VPN, IPSec, and OpenVPNĀ® support, the Aprisa LTE protects against vulnerabilities and malicious attacks.

Interfaces: the Aprisa LTE supports serial and Ethernet with SFP support for additional electrical and optical connections in a single, compact form factor.

Adaptable: the Aprisa LTE integrates into a wide range of industrial and utility applications with redundant carrier connections for public and private networks. New Aprisa Power Control (APC) feature delivers ultra-low power sleep mode for solar applications.

Advanced mobility and Wi-Fi: supports advanced remote visibility in vehicle networks with GNSS location / navigation service and 2×2 MIMO Wi-Fi AP/client mode for workforce mobility communication.

Advanced L2 / L3 capabilities: selectable L2 or L3 modes with VLAN, QoS, NAT, IPv4, and IPv6 transition support to maximize performance and prioritize mission critical traffic while meeting tough security and IP network policy imperatives

Reliable and robust: the Aprisa LTE requires no manual component tuning and maintains its performance over a wide temperature range using full specification industrially rated components and shared Aprisa family heritage.

Easily managed: an easy to use GUI supports local element management via HTTPS or via CLI with remote element management over the air via SNMP and NETCONF support to allow network-wide monitoring, control, and orchestration via a variety of supported third party network management systems.

Failover: single radio, dual SIM with switch over, and interface failover to provide alternate path routing on WAN or FAN

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