Mastering Interfaces between Human, Systems & Connected Things


PcVue Solutions facilitates exchanges between human, systems, and connected things


PcVue Solutions ensures reliable and efficient supervisory system for your assets


PcVue Solutions enhances the user experience

Open, Secure, and Mobile SCADA IoT Platform

PcVue is the result of over 30 years of activity in SCADA solutions. It enables our partners and end-users to develop new applications and to support migration from earlier systems, while realizing the highest productivity and best innovations.

PcVue takes advantage of the latest technologies and provides optimized control over your processes. In addition, it comes with effective functions to set up a reliable system with limited development costs, while maintaining the user-friendliness of the best desktop applications.

With its intuitive and unique interface, PcVue offers a secure, powerful and easily maintainable system.

Key Capabilities

PcVue is a fully-featured product that represents the latest advances in SCADA software for multi-station monitoring and control.

The new PcVue range has been designed using recommendations from integrators, OEMs and end-users, and based on ARC Informatique’s considerable experience in the industrial automation sector. PcVue features modern ergonomics and tools based on object technology to minimize the time for application development, including the latest tools from Microsoft user interface standards and the security features of Windows® platforms.

PcVue provides a flexible solution for supervising industrial processes, utilities and infrastructure. It meets industrial standards of reliability and performance while maintaining the user-friendliness of an office application. It spans requirements from single-user applications to complex client-server applications with redundancy.

The Advanced Configuration Environment (ACE) A consistent and innovative platform to develop your application

Ace iconsIt includes the Application Explorer, an “All in one” configuration tool for configuration and diagnosis, the Application Architect to modelize objects and create applications, and the Smart Generators a suite of import tools for mass configuration from third-party or in-house configuration tools (PLC programs, CAD drawings, user software and legacy SCADA/Building Management Systems). Read more…

The Powerful Graphical User Interface  Everything you need to design and display full motion graphics of your processes

The user friendly environment, the set of built-in animations and viewers, objects libraries but also the generic approach of the design, make the development fast and easy using an on-line configuration.
The support of innovative run-time features such as a state-of-the-art animated 3D objects or a GEO Map control for GIS decision making, enhanced even more the operator experience and efficiency.

Communication platform Yet more protocols!

PcVue supports an extremely wide range of communication standards, including built-in drivers for Industry and machine builders (around 200 current and legacy protocols), Building Management Systems(lns,BACnet,SNMP),Power generation, T&D and Power Systems at large (IECs,DNP3) and  Water treatment & distribution (most telemetry protocols available). Our policy is always to provide connectivity to the widest range of legacy and modern devices.

Data analysis tools Extract the value from your data

data analysisPcVue offers all the necessary tools for data extraction, stats and reporting to cover the need for information. PcVue records data to a SQLServer database with its built-in Historical Data Server which make the data available for short term or long term analysis and reporting. Statistical data can be exported to Excel using the built-in Data Export of PcVue. For advanced reporting PcVue can connect to DreamReport software. Read more…

Architectures & deployment Protect your SCADA investment!

PcVue is designed to support multi-station architectures, offering a high scalability of the system and flexible deployments solutions. Inter-messaging and redundancy mechanisms for critical applications are built-in and easy to configure using a networking wizard.

PcVue is fully compatible with virtualized environments and Remote Desktop Services which allow taking advantage of the PcVue rich clients remotely executed on any device including any terminals with HTML5-compliant web browser.

Mobility Quick access to your data anytime, anywhere from any device

data mobilePcVue is mobile-ready: access the data of your application from a tablet or a smartphone is easy using TouchVue app or a web browser using the light web client WebVue.

PcVue implements the necessary features of cybersecurity to protect the system against the growing threats accompanying the rapid change in technologies and the widespread use of connected users in industry networks.


Water & Wastewater Utilities

Scada  for Water Treatment Industries

For every metropole, city or village, the management of water production, purification, distribution and recycling has become essential. Ensuring a continuous and secured water supply is a matter of comfort, health and most of all of responsibility towards citizens.

A system platform monitoring water and wastewater treatment industry

Installing remote control of water supplies and waste water treatment facilities over large areas is an important goal for many countries. A water treatment, and distribution network typically covers hundreds, thousands of square miles. Water levels, reservoirs, pollution control systems, need to be monitored remotely and it requires a highly efficient and available supervision system.

Description of our control system

The products range of PcVue Solutions can be scaled to fit any size and type of water treatment facility or combination of utilities. From industrial wastewater to drinking water treatment, PcVue offers a complete HMI (Human Machine Interface) to ensure maximal efficiency and security in the management of your facility. The proven ability to control various equipment over large networks with different types of communications makes of PcVue a leading software in the water industry.
Our offer provides solutions  ensuring continuous monitoring and control over water operations such as waste water collection systems, water travel systems (pipeline management), pumping stations (pumps, pressure transducers monitoring), water irrigation systems, remote operations and more. We guarantee the highest levels of service and support to provide you with a secured and efficient control over various equipment, while maintaining an outstanding return on investment.

Oil & Gas

Our Scada Software for Oil and Gas Companies

There are numerous critical challenges in the Oil & Gas industries, relying on accurate real time and reliable data visualization and recording. From drilling, scada security system, gas pipeline & power plant management, gas detection, metering application, storage, to corporate office data feedback, PcVue Solutions helps you ensuring automated process control and assets management in a better and safer way thanks to scada for oil & gas.

PcVue Solution to help you improve your safety

PcVue Solutions can offer remote monitoring of the facilities over a large geographical area. The animated 3D mimic capability, and the user-friendly Human Machine Interface (HMI), can also help operators locate easily defective devices, this technology can be very useful for energy management systems for example . The implementation of scada for oil & gas will greatly improve the reliability and safety of your installations and machinery by providing the right data to the right people at the right time. By continuously monitoring your assets and recording events and alarms it can automatically schedule or alert for necessary preventive maintenance intervention.

Providing solutions to record your data

The real-time data recorded for metering and product transferred can be recorded easily and referred to as a time stamped official transaction document and customized regulatory reporting can be used as contractual paper work.
Our Scada oil & gas solution provides high availability and centralized scada system with the lowest total cost of ownership. Thanks to its award winning object oriented configuration platform and by using templates, wizards and data import integrated tools, PcVue Solutions greatly reduce engineering, configuration and deployment time of our system Integrators partners, and this asset can also be very useful through scada industry software.

Energy Management System

Our Energy Management Scada System (EMS)

The ever-growing demand for electricity comes from the need to operate domestic appliance, office equipment, industrial machinery and domestic and commercial lighting, heating, cooling and industrial processes.
In this context, public supply of electrical power is viewed as part of the infrastructure. The basic requirements of the electrical power suppliers are an efficient power distribution system and reduced downtime, and only appropriate energy management system can be used to manage it.

ARC Informatique offers solutions that efficiently monitor and control power generation systems remotely. Those energy monitoring solutions can be employed in several domains, such as building energy management, electrical network management, or energy production management. We support higher-quality service, better environmental impact, improved productivity, reduced downtime and reduced operating expenses.

We help you to be more sustainable

PcVue Solutions can monitor and control any kind of plant for power generation and distribution, from simple generators to large-scale transmission lines thanks to unique Energy management Systems. The electrical power industry is expanding into renewable energy sources. Modern interest in development of new sustainable energy sources is linked to the global concern about greenhouse gases emissions issued from fossil fuel energy consumption, and about the environmental, social and political risks related to the use of nuclear energy.

This constant evolution of the electrical power industry requires high-reliability and high energy efficiency systems, and for this reason, SCADA, HMI and automation programs are playing an increasingly important role in this sector.


Outline subject to change
We do not currently have any classes scheduled
Cost: $3,900 per student

Day 1

  • Module 1: Introduction
  • Module 2: Housekeeping
  • Module 3: Licensing
  • Module 4: The Application
  • Module 6: Variables, Real-time Database
  • Module 7: Communications / Native Drivers
  • Module 8: Communications / OPC

Day 2

  • Module 9: HMI Mimics
  • Module 10: HMI Basic Graphics
  • Module 11: HMI Animations
  • Module 12: Services / Expressions
  • Module 13: Alarms

Day 3

  • Module 14: HMI Generic
  • Module 15: Services / Project Generation
  • Module 24: Scripting - SCADA Basic
  • Module 25: Scripting - VBA & Ai Grid
  • Module 17: WellTrak™ - ActiveX Controls
  • Module 18: Windows 2008 RDP

Day 4

  • Module 19: Archives - Archive Unit
  • Module 20: Archives - HDS
  • Module 21: Archives - Logs
  • Module 22: Archives - Trends
  • Module 23: Servcices - User Rights

Day 5

  • FactoryLink Conversions

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