Dedicated Fire Protection System (DFPS) The City’s Dedicated Fire Protection System (DFPS) is a $52 million system that will make
The versatile ACE1000 will deliver the data communication and processing you need for a diverse set of applications, without having
Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems are continuously relied on to support the most demanding industrial applications and keep
WellTrak™ for Motorola ACE4600 IP Gateway provides real-time data access to Motorola’s family of RTUs (ACE, MOSCAD). The WellTrak™ Server
Powerful, Flexible SCADA Improves Water Quality and Management Managing the water Supply for a large, geographically diverse county is not
The deployment of an Industrial Internet of Things solution over a Motorola wireless network provides a natural gas distribution company
Executive Summary The challenge in a thermal facility is to read all of the data from all of the various
WellTrak™ for Proving delivers a standardized efficient method of electronically, or manually collecting proving data. Process standardization eliminates; miscalculations of
With the wide range of RTU (Remote Terminal Units) and PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers) currently on the market, SCADA system
Inefficient manual systems Difficulties remaining compliant Struggles with third party management Difficulty maintaining multiple complex spreadsheets   Increased efficiency across