WellTrak™ for Proving delivers a standardized efficient method of electronically, or manually collecting proving data. Process standardization eliminates; miscalculations of volumes, lost proving tickets, and acceptances of invalid meter factors. Standardization of validation process reduces: product loss, time to resolve issues, manpower to recalculate and reallocate volumes and determination of potential meter or prover bias.

WellTrak™ for Proving powers the prover operators to quickly complete a full statistical analysis of the meter under test.

WellTrak™ for Proving works with compact provers, portable pipe provers, stationary provers, volumetric provers, mass provers, and master meters.

WellTrak™ for Proving ROI

The greatest benefit is the increase in confidence around hydrocarbon liquid metering, proving accuracy, and repeatability:

standardized methodology and data gathering, providing a window into your proving program to prevent loss and improve efficiency of operations and reporting
automatically detects meter factors out of tolerance for repeatability and reproducibility
automatically creates statistical trending of meter factors to reduce expense and effort in real-time to detect and resolve proving or metering concerns.
delivers a standardized methodology that fulfills all API requirements for liquid metering and proving, reducing training costs and costs associated with finding and eliminating problems
acquires all datasets of the OMNI™ Flow Computer including failed meter runs, allowing improved validation of the meter and prover processes and operation
can eliminate manual data entry and input errors into a system, such as a keystroke error

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