The deployment of an Industrial Internet of Things solution over a Motorola wireless network provides a natural gas distribution company with improvements in control over their distribution grid and the accuracy of consumption readings.

The overall IIoT solution interfaces with the elements that make up the gas distribution grid, such as pressure and temperature sensors, data viewing displays and mechanical pulse converters. With the deployment of this end to end solution, industrial administrators benefit from a comprehensive and accurate history of their gas consumption, enabling their end customers to have more control over their service bills.

Deployment Summary

  • Natural Gas Distribution Company
  • Energy, Oil & Gas
  • Deployment of a telemetry and control system over a Motorola Solutions wireless network for enhanced management of the company’s gas distribution grid

Motorola Products

  • 70 RTU ACE3600

Key Benefits

  • Increased control
  • Reduced losses
  • Better leveraging of gas distribution
  • Comprehensive history of users’ gas consumption

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