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Standardize Process, Data Capture, and Analytics with Centralized Analytics and Reporting

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Single Sourced Data Management: SCADA, Driver, and Reporting All Rolled Into One

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Real-Time Data Available Anytime, Anywhere


Required Production Reports, Exception Based Reports



Real-Time Alerts on Events and Alarms

Thin Client

WellTrak™ utilizes a thin client approach to allow an unlimited number of users to access the well information

WellTrak™ Features



Operational Efficiency
It's Not Just a Tagline

Desktop Dashboard

Head Office

  • Real-time station well information without contacting field operations
  • View new stations being added in real-time


Engineering / Planning

  • View any station device in the area
  • Be responsive to events as they happen
  • Reduce travel time and operation expenses

WellTrak™ Reporting

Information: Accurate, Reliable, and Timely
Managed, Single Sourced, Company Wide

Required Production Reports

  • Water Consumption
  • Flow Totalization
  • Pump Starts
  • Pump Runtimes
  • Pump Statistics
  • Daily Production
  • Monthly Production

WellTrak Reporting

Exception Based Reports

  • Percentage of Duty

WellTrak™ High Speed Datalogger



  • Log communication failures
  • Troubleshoot problems with lift / pump stations
  • Capture errors remotely
  • Retrieve data on demand

Engineering / Planning

  • Retrieve history from each station
  • Perform long term analysis
  • Plan for upgrades and new deployment
  • Reduce site visits

More Intelligent Data and a Higher Sampling Rate

  • Better understand your consumer needs
  • Real-time data available to engineering, operations, and planning departments
  • Extract information from the RTU to a PC logging the information


WellTrak™ for ACE4600 IP Gateway

ACE4600 Brochure

Key Features

  • Supports up to twelve separate gateways simlutaneously
  • Ability to support and unlimited number of RTUs
  • Configurable polling schedules for RTU data points
  • Receive events by exception
  • Broadcast messaging
  • RTU clock synchronization
  • Full gateway redundnacy - set gateway modes (Primary / Standy)
  • Retrieve gateway link status and error messages
  • Retrieve RTU link status and error messages
  • Time stamp of last RTU communication
  • Provice RTU communication statistics (Tx, Rx, Polls, Fails, etc)
  • High speed Datalogger

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WellTrak™ seamlessly integrates into your existing SCADA host via OPC to communicate directly to you flow computer / EFM devices for a TRUE "intelligent measurement " solution

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