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Standardize Process, Data Capture, and Analytics with Centralized Analytics and Reporting

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Real-Time Data Available Anytime, Anywhere


Required Production Reports, Advanced Reports, EPAP Reports



Real-Time Alerts on Events and Alarms

Thin Client

WellTrak™ utilizes a thin client approach to allow an unlimited number of users to access the well information

WellTrak™ Features

  • Native Drivers
  • ROC
  • ROC Plus
  • BSAP
  • SCADAPak
  • Enron
  • Modbus Master / Slave
  • MDLC (Motorola)
  • OMNI™
  • SAM
  • CAC 1000/2000
  • Pickford
  • Nabla

WellTrak™ Reporting

Information: Accurate, Reliable, and Timely
Managed, Single Sourced, Company Wide

Reporting Brochure

Required Production Reports

  • Balance
  • Prorations
  • Communications
  • Event & Alarm
  • Efficiency
  • Production
  • Production Accounting

WellTrak Reporting

Advanced Reports

  • Meter Validation

Operational Efficiency
It's Not Just a Tagline

Desktop Dashboard

Head Office

  • Production engineering have access to well data
  • No need to contact the field to see real-time well information
  • View new wells being added in real-time


Field Operations

  • View any device in the field
  • Plan trips to the wells more effectively
  • Be responsive to events as they happen
  • Reduce travel time and operational expenses

EPAP Reporting

Eliminate Waste and Improve the Efficiency of Process

EPAP Brochure


  • measurement and reporting controls
  • queries process
  • application process
  • track historical compliance levels and improvements
  • create audit logs of changing compliance


  • Create and audit controls
  • Eliminate reporting and auditing discrepancies
  • Reduce reporting costs
  • Easily identify areas for cost reduction
  • Standardize and minimize data collection process



EPAP Reports

  • Facility and Measurement System
    Design / Installation / Documentation
  • Measurement Device Maintenance
    Calibration / Inspection / Proving
  • Measurement Device Operation
  • Sampling & Analysis
  • EFM Records
  • Field Production Reports
  • Fuel / Flare / Venting


Rework for Measurement

Streamline, Validate, Automate, and Integrate

Rework Brochure


  • Normalize data sets
  • Secure well data
  • Measurement designed for AGA3, AGA7, AGA8, AGA9, AGA10, AGA11
  • Recalculate well data on site for any meter during any time period with audit trail
  • Rework volumes to AER, ECON, OGC, or Measurement Canada standards


  • Reduce time and resources by 80% to rework volumes as compared to traditional methods
  • Reduce audit challenges by 90% as compared to traditional rework methods

Ticketing for Liquids

Ticketing for Trucking

Features & Benefits

  • Tickets can either be mass or volume
  • Reduce ticketing errors and hours required scrutinizing tickets
  • Eliminate rework of ticketed volumes caused by manual errors
  • Datasets containing all ticketing information
  • Rework tickets to standard conditions
Trucking Brochure

Ticketing for Pipelines

Features & Benefits

  • Automate creation and validation of ticketing
  • Reduce ticketing errors and hours required scrutinizing tickets
  • Eliminate rework of ticketed volumes caused by manual errors
  • Datasets containing all ticketing information
  • Rework tickets to standard conditions
Pipeline Brochure

Allocations by Volume

Allocate Sales volumes at the Plant Outlet to a Well Production Head

Allocation Brochure


  • Flexible allocation methodologies
  • Efficient system conversions
  • Acquire measured and estimated data
  • Detect metering imbalances
  • Collect and store AER required audit trails


Save Money:

  • Flexibility allows producers to create "what-if" analysis
  • Reduce implementation and licensing costs with multifaceted measurement solutions

Reporting Features

  • Hourly
  • Daily
  • Monthly

Virtual Flow Computer

VFC Brochure


  • EPAP and MARP ADHOC queries
  • Field data capture
  • Mobile and desktop manual data entry
  • Data trending


  • Gas and Steam
    • Dynamic viscosity calculation
    • Isentropic exponent calculation
  • Crude Oil and Natural Gas
    • Real-time EFM flow algorithms
  • AGA: 3, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
  • API: 11.1, 11.2, 21.2
  • GERG 2008


  • Seamlessly integrate standard measurement practices into any automation system
  • Audit trail of changes to flow computer meter configurations
  • Reduce integration time by 30%

Pump On/Off

Retrieve Card Data from all PumpJacks into one Central Host

Pump On/Off Brochure

WellTrak™ PumpJack Monitoring Benefits:

  • Allow operators to tune the pumpjacks for greater production efficiency
  • Lower opertaing costs - save electricity and reduce well site trips
  • Improve production

WellTrak™ PumpJack Monitoring works with:

  • Pump Controllers such as Lufkin, CAC, Baker, and others

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WellTrak™ seamlessly integrates into your existing SCADA host via OPC to communicate directly to you flow computer / EFM devices for a TRUE "intelligent measurement " solution

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