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Proving for Liquids

Proving Solution

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  • Implement a standard: process, data capture, and analytics
  • Analyze all Prove data centrally with built in analytics and reporting
  • Algorithm to detect bias in proving process
  • History and reporting by meter, prover, or operator
  • Effectively transfer years of experience and process into one standard system for all new and existing operators


  • Reduce costs:Optimize proving and truck efficiency
  • Reduce cost of training
  • Reduce spreadsheet manipulation, errors, and slow analysis
  • Reduce paper flow, storage and re-keying data transfer
  • Reduce costs of witnessing proves



To begin: Picklist of available provers. Pick the Prover you want to work with.



Meter Screen: Select the meter you want to prove. Select a previous prove. Select the type of prove you’re doing.

It shows all the previous data, such as meter factor, flow, density etc. all in one place leveraging the previous data.



For a manual prove, can manually enter the data. ProveTrak™ shows the density, pulse, temperature, pressure, meter factor etc. and looks for deviation within your personalized range.



The manual prove is solved. Note the green Finish button.



Now an automated prove. Hooked up to the EFM device, collecting data from the EFM. Do not need to enter any data. Also has the green finish button.



ProveTrak™ is programming the EFM, sending the data to the EFM. With this Compare function ProveTrak™ is doing the math calculations as well as the EFM device, so you can compare to see if there is a difference that should be checked into. Ideally the numbers are the same. You can choose either to accept.



The Finish process. You can accept or not. All are in the database, all are saved for analytics. Can export to PDF. All Proves automatically uploads to the central enterprise database



The unique feature of recording a signature online and into the database for witnessing proves.



This screen shows that all the proves are maintained in the database for analytics, filtering, reporting, audit for challenges. All enterprise proves are electronically stored in one central location database. The ProveTrak™ system is automatically looking for anomalies and will alert you. .



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