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WellTrak™ for Oil and Gas

Fast, Efficient, and Accurate Where Measurement is Paramount

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WellTrak™ for Proving

Standardize Process: Data Capture, and Analytics with Centralized Analytics and Reporting

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WellTrak™ for Water

Single Sourced Data Management: SCADA, Driver, and Reporting All Rolled Into One

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WellTrak™ for Proving

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  • Implement a standard: process, data capture, and analytics
  • Analyze all Prove data centrally with built in analytics and reporting
  • Algorithm to detect bias in proving process
  • History and reporting by meter, prover, or operator
  • Effectively transfer years of experience and process into one standard system for all new and existing operators


  • Reduce costs: Optimize proving and truck efficiency
  • Reduce cost of training
  • Reduce spreadsheet manipulation, errors, and slow analysis
  • Reduce paper flow, storage and re-keying data transfer
  • Reduce costs of witnessing proves

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WellTrak™ integrates into your existing SCADA host seamlessly via OPC to communicate directly to your flow computer / EFM devices for a TRUE "intelligent measurement" solution.

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