WellTrak™ Papers


TinBox Energy Software is the developer of WellTrak™ Software: a high-speed data acquisition (SCADA) solution targeted for the Oil & Gas, and the Water / Wastewater Markets.

WellTrak™ is a specialized product that allows our clients to use our solution to communicate to various brands of flow computers such as Motorola’s ACE RTU all at the same time over the same radio / cellular channel.

TinBox has employed specific talented staff that bring both a deep knowledge of the Water Market and Oil & Gas Market, while having the skill sets to be software developers. This unique set of skills allows us to develop, configure and deploy any client’s application quickly and effectively.

WellTrak™ integrates into your existing SCADA host seamlessly via OPC to communicate directly to your flow computer / EFM devices for a TRUE “intelligent measurement” solution.

WellTrak™ Value Proposition:

  • The value is reducing field operations costs
  • Reduce audit rework time for production accounting
  • Increase regulatory compliance
  • Clean, valid, audible data
  • WellTrak™ removes the extraneous data and formulates usable information expediting critical decisions in a compliant and permanent format.